Anti Skid


For all types of walkable areas that require a non-slip finish: pedestrian walkways, stairs, balconies, terraces, ramps etc.


Light weight micro plastic particle’s that are added and mixed into the polyurethane topcoats to create a textured surface and achieve a level of medium roughness depending on the mixing ratio.

Typical consumption 5-8% depending on the level of texture required.

500grm bags
1kg bags
2kg tin.

PRO-GRIP-S – Anti-slip charges

Fine kiln dried silica sand for broadcasting into the polyurethane topcoat to achieve a medium to high non-slip finish. Can be left as the exposed surface or overcoated with coloured topcoat or clearcoat.

White or Brown kiln dried silica sand.

Typical consumption 10kg for 25-30 sqm

Supplied 5- 10 kg tubs


Ground fine glass beads for broadcasting into the polyurethane topcoat to achieve a course non-slip and hard wearing finish, overcoat with topcoat or clear coat.

Typical Consumption 10kg for 25-30sqm

Supplied 5 kg- 10 kg Tubs

Coverage estimates are averages and dependent on the application/applicator.


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