• Product Installation Training
    Free product & installation training for trade customers

Application Demonstrations & practicable product training

For experienced flat roofers who are already familiar with the application of liquid applied materials, we hold practicable demonstration sessions where we introduce our products. Each session will include installation method, technical briefing, pricing and other relevant information. Typically, a demonstration session will be completed in 2-3 hours. There is no charge and sessions can be arranged for one person or for groups.

Practicable Training Level 1

In level 1 training classes we cover:

  • Product benefits
  • Suitable applications
  • Best practice & installation techniques
  • Technical & pricing.

We will give you the opportunity to have hands on experience.
You will receive a course completion & competence certificate.
Level 1 training classes start at 9-30am and finish 2-3pm. There is a break for lunch.
The cost of Level 1 is £75.00 + vat which is fully refundable against purchases.

Practicable Training Level 2

Level 2 Adds on- going technical support and many other benefits for those who want to become & qualify as certified approved SRS installers.

Please contact us for further information and to arrange the course/s you are interested in.