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Aquapol is the solution when a quick and immediate repair is needed to stop a leaking roof; most water ingress becomes apparent during wet weather, the very time when an effective long term repair is generally not possible. 

Aquapol can be applied to a damp surface and will not only provide a long term solution to the problem it offers immediate rain protection without washing off. Patch repairing is no problem with Aquapol due to it's high degree of flexibility. 

Aquapol is the ideal product to extend the effective life of an existing roof, a one coat application over the entire surface will provide a seamless, durable and elastomeric membrane that will give added years to a roofs effective service life. 

Aquapol contains added milled fibres that act like a built in scrim, these fibres interlace as the coating is applied filling and bridging small cracks, and these fibres also increase the strength of the cured membrane making it more durable.

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Useful Information

Aquapol container sizes 5 and 20kg

Coverage 1-2m² average*

Shelf life, 12 months under good storage conditions in unopened containers

Drying time 48-72hrs. (dependent on arnbient temperature) Weather tightness immediately after application Easy application with brush, roller or squeegee

Applying Aquapol

Aquapol will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces without the need for primers.

Suitable surfuces include:

  • Felt
  • Asphalt
  • Lead
  • Metals
  • Fibrous Cement
  • Asbestos
  • Fibreglass
  • P.V.C Roofing sheets

Existing coatings or surfaces where bonding is not established should be adhesion tested by the application of a small quantity of Aquapol prior to installation.


Surfaces should be clean and free of loose or friable materials. Small cracks or splits can be good by brushing/stippling the coating into them, larger cracks or holes should be made good prior to coating, this can be achieved by use of Seal IT PU mastic or by using a scrim between coats of Aquapol.

Whilst Aquapol will tolerate being applied to a damp surface, as with any application dry conditions will result in the best results.


It is good practice to treat detailing areas firstly, in areas where excessive movement may occur, additional reinforcement can be incorporated into the coating. Aquapol is easily applied with a brush or roller; on flat smooth surfaces a squeegee can be used.

Aquapol can be applied as a one coat application, if required subsequent coats can be applied after curing. Coverage is 1-2 m² per kilo dependent on the porosity of the surface being applied to. Aquapol is waterproof on application; curing/drying time is 72 hours' dependent on ambient temperature. Application tools will remain supple if left in the coating and in sealed containers; white spirit can be used for clean

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