Reflecting Solar radiation

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COOLTOP reflects a high percentage of solar radiation, preventing the absorption and therefore, accumulation of structural heat.

COOLTOP is a white, reflective, two-component coating produced for application to building roofs.

Typically rooftops feature dark coloured materials that absorb a lot of heat, which in turn increases the temperature of the entire building structure.

COOLTOP white reflects the solar radiation and creates a thermal barrier.

This is explained by Reflectivity and Emissivity.

Advantages of COOLTOP White:

  • Reduced thermal load (temperature of roof)
  • Energy savings of 20-50%
  • Protects the building structure
  • Extends the waterproofing systems lifetime
  • Increases the efficiency of solar panels
  • Can be applied to most surfaces: Asphalt, roofing felt, asbestos, polyurethanes, metals, plastics, tiles, etc
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