Key Features

PEELAFFIX20 is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of vulcanised EPDM synthetic rubber and a side that is fully adhesive thanks to the factory addition of a dispersion adhesive.

The self-adhesive side is preserved by a white-coloured silicone film.

Applications: Gutters of various materials, timber roofs, metal roofs, PIR panels, flat roof overlays.

Our advanced product, PEELAFFIX20, has remarkable adhesion to different surfaces, doing away with the need for extra seaming supplies, consequently saving you time and resources. PEELAFFIX20 is easy to install, with no need for primers, adhesives or heat. As no adhesives or primers are used there is no need for drying or curing time, making PEELAFFIX20 extremely fast to apply.

Our eco-friendly option is not only respectful of the planet but also cuts back on waste by eliminating the necessity for consumables like brushes, rollers, and buckets.

Our waterproofing system offers maximum elasticity and flexibility, providing long-term protection and providing your projects with outstanding durability. Experience the future of waterproofing with our high-performance solution, optimising your time and delivering outstanding results.

Quality Guaranteed

PEELAFFIX20 comes with a 20-year warranty with a life expectancy of over 50-years.




Time Saving

Application installation videos

Key Properties

  • Excellent resistance to ozone, UV radiation and weathering
  • Elasticity from -45oC to 130oC
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • High adhesive power with immediate effect.
  • Homogeneous adhesion to the entire surface.
  • No application of adhesives.
  • No waiting time for drying and or evaporation of adhesive solvents.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and weathering.
  • Clean to use and environmentally friendly.

Presentation, Storage

  • Rolls are supplied at 1.5m wide x 10- or 5-meter lengths.
  • Store at 15oC to 25oC. Keep protected from direct sunlight.
  • The self-adhesive backing must be used within 12-months of manufacture providing it is kept in its original sealed packaging.