A fast curing, pure polyurethane liquid applied coating, that requires NO ADDITIVES and forms a continuous elastomeric, waterproof, and durable membrane. Suitable for new works or the overlay of existing roofs.

SRS PRO-ROOF-20 is a cost-effective high-performance liquid applied modified polyurethane for the long-term waterproofing of all types of flat & low-pitched roofs.


New Roofs, Balconies, Terraces, Gutters etc.

Repair or complete refurbishment of existing roofs.


Key features

  • Easy to apply
  • UV resistant
  • 20-Year product Guarantee
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface
  • Fast curing
  • Seamless Technology

Designed to be easy to use, PR-20 is perfect for both the professional trades and DIY enthusiasts alike.

NO ADDITIVES required, PR-20 is ready to be used directly out of the tin, there is no need for any additives or primers*, simply stir and apply.

Used in conjunction with reinforcement matting the system creates a totally seamless & fully reinforced membrane of exceptional flexibility & durability.

PRO ROOF 20 can be used all year between 5oC to 30oC and is instantly rain resistant once the reinforcing matting has been encapsulated, it is cold applied and once cured fully foot trafficable.

1. Apply base coat

2. Apply Promesh 225 &
Dry roll to embed

3. Apply second coat of
(“wet on wet”)

4. Finished

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