Cold Applied Liquid Polyurea

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PRO-ROOF-ULTRA is a 2-component, aromatic, liquid polyurea waterproofing membrane that is applied cold by roller, trowel, or rubber trowel.

Its high performance allows to create a continuous waterproof coating without joints that is flexible, fully adhered to the substrate, and of great elasticity that provides an optimum watertightness of long duration, with an estimated useful life of more than 25 years.


Pro-Roof-Ultra has been developed for waterproofing:

  • All roof types: flat, pitched, inverted, landscaped, etc.
  • Trafficable roofs with vehicular traffic or surfaces requiring high-mechanical resistance, for private or industrial use.
  • Structural elements (floor slabs, walls, foundations).
  • Suitable for waterproofing, ponds, pools, swimming pools, aquariums and other water containers.
  • For protection lining of truck and van cargo beds

PRO-ROOF -ULTRA provides easy application to all types of surfaces and shape, without the requirement to use any reinforcement additions, i.e. fleece or glass fibre mat.

Compatible with a wide range of substrates: wood, concrete, ceramic, metal, fibre cement, bituminous, asphalt, butyl, acrylic, PVC membranes.

Suitable for subsequent paving.

Trafficable, allows for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Recommended Thickness1.5mm (min 1.2mm)
Recommended Consumption2Kg/m2 in 1 layer(1.7 to 2.4Kg/m2)
ApplicationRoller, trowel or rubber trowel
Temerature range of application+3o C to +35o C (ambient)
Maximum relative humidity80% (ambient)
Initial drying+2 hours
Pot life+20-25 minutes
Estimated useful+25 years

Values tested in laboratory (23oC; 50% RH)
They may vary according to application, weather and substrate conditions
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