• Flat roof material suppliers

Flat roof material suppliers

When construction companies and roofing specialists are sourcing materials, it is important they can find what they want quickly and easily. Many flat roof material suppliers are well-stocked of course, but there are times when that is not all that counts, such as when a project throws up new challenges and considerations. In those situations, reputable suppliers of flat roofing materials will not only be able to provide products, they will also be able to give vital advice based on genuine real-world experience.

In fact, the very best outlets will not only be able to advise on the right systems to use, they may even offer training on how those materials should be applied. Here at SRS, we can recommend flat roofing systems based on individual project requirements, and we can offer training on the installation of those systems.

Whether repairing a damaged flat roof, or installing a new one, it is important for companies to source materials which offer strong protection, look smart and offer value for their customers. There are many different suppliers available for construction companies to go to – and many have a wide-range of solutions to offer – which can make materials hard to choose. At SRS we listen to your requirements and provide the best possible recommendations for flat roof systems, tools and application techniques.

The flat roof materials we supply include:

  • Ultraflex– A high performing liquid roofing system.
  • GRP – Our GRP roofing system offers a cold-applied waterproofing solution.
  • Pro Coat – Ready to use directly out of the can, in one application without additives.
  • Desmopol – This liquid polyurethane membrane can be installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.
  • Aquapol – Provides an instant waterproofing coating for roofs
  • Trims & Outlets – Firbreglass roof trims, outlets, plastisol roof trims and ultra GRP trims in a range of sizes.
  • Tools & Accessories – A full range of tools and accessories to help get a flat roof project completed.


If you are having trouble searching for flat roof material suppliers then we are here to help.

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