Ultra Flex

Ultra Flex is a fully reinforced polyurethane liquid waterproofing system that creates a long term, flexible and totally seamless membrane.

It is ideal for:

  • New Roofs 
  • Repair or refurbishment of existing roofs 
  • Flat & low pitched roofs 
  • Complex detailing 
  • Box & Valley gutters​

Ultraflex roofing is a single component liquid that cures through moisture contact and therefore is used directly from the container with no requirement for additional additive's.

Benefits include:

  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Early rain resistance
  • Cold weather application 
  • One process Wet-on-Wet application 
  • Easy to apply, easy to carry out detailing with a brush or roller 
  • Flame/ heat free application 
  • Highly Elastometric
  • Reinforced & seamless