• Flat roof waterproofing systems

Flat roof waterproofing systems

When a flat roof is installed or repaired, the choice of waterproofing system is often a crucial factor is determining the success of the project.

Here at SRS, we have been providing waterproofing systems for flat roofs since 1987 and we can help you identify the correct system for your needs.

We know, for example, that flat roofs are susceptible to pooling water caused by adverse weather, which can make them particularly prone to leaking unless properly protected. (Of course, it is crucial to ensure that any flat roof is fully waterproofed as leaks can be costly, particularly if they cause damage to furniture or other assets located within a building’s interior).

We understand as well that flat roofs can be a worry, and so knowing a flat roof installation is professionally and effectively waterproofed will give residential and business property owners confidence and peace of mind. A flat roof that is constructed to be totally waterproof will also be seen in a positive light by building and contents insurers.

Roofing companies are well aware of the importance of waterproofing a flat roof in reducing its vulnerability to the outside elements. Waterproofing will protect the roof in both wet and cold weather conditions. This is vital because, in both these cases, cracks and decay can be caused, significantly reducing the performance, durability and longevity of the roof in question.

Further factors to consider

It is also worth bearing in mind that roofing companies need to take a number of other factors into consideration when selecting the correct flat roof waterproofing system for any given installation.

For instance, there may be environmental issues to take into account such as the damaging effect of industrial emissions. The type of building, whether residential, commercial or industrial, will also play a part in determining which flat roof waterproofing system to use. 

As well as the need to keep within a customer’s budget and time constraints, each of these aspects will need to be brought into the planning at the start of any flat roofing project. Customer requirements will vary according to type, use and location of the buildings they occupy.

What we can offer

At SRS Flat Roof Solutions we are able to provide roofing companies with flat roof waterproofing systems to meet their exact requirements and specifications.

For instance, we supply the highly reliable and flexible Ultra Flex solution. This fully reinforced polyurethane liquid waterproofing system is able to create a long term and totally seamless membrane.

Ultra-Flex is competitively priced and quick and easy to apply. Our customers have testified that it is perfect for both flat and low pitched roofs.

We are exceptionally well versed in meeting the varied demands of roofing companies and professionals. SRS Flat Roofing Solutions are long established and very experienced suppliers to the building sector, and have worked in close consultation with customers on a wide range of different projects.


If you would like to find out more about Ultra Flex, or talk through what other flat roof waterproofing systems we can supply, our team of experts will be happy to help.

For our friendly advice and support for any current or future project, please contact us now.